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Marilee Hanemann

Kanawha County Spring

This exhibit documents my exploration of the Coal, Elk, and Kanawha rivers -and Kanawha State Forest. I use photography to gather interesting compositions and begin with a charcoal or pencil drawing. As I progress on to the painting, each picture takes on a theme of its own relating to color, light, shape, movement, geometry, or texture. I would like my work to celebrate the evolution of West Virginia’s identity as it continues to clean up its rural areas and value its treasures of nature.

Log Over Water 40×30 $1,680

Campground Trail in Kanawha State Forest 48×30 $2,000

Davis Creek 40×30 $1,340

Logtown Hollow 36×72 $2,660

Kanawha River from Southside Bridge 20×16 $840

Sketch of Davis Creek 24×30 $1,000

Logtown Hollow, Sun 48×30 $1,680

Coal River Reflection 30×24 $1,080

Elk River with Beach 18×24 $840

Plein Air with Gas Pipe 30×40 $1,000

Elk River with Rocks 24×30 $1,080

Logtown Hollow, Light Through Trees 30×24 $1,000

Elk River with Marsh 24×18 $1,000

Susan Morgan is a textile artist who has been living in Buckhannon, West Virginia since 1988. Susan hand dye’s and print all the textiles she uses as well as most of the other fibers found in her work.

“I was fortunate enough to be handed cloth and needle early in my life, and at age 13, I was given a discarded, Great Depression era Singer sewing machine; a creature that while having its share of significant limitations, opened up a new world for me.”