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January 16, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm


“Adventures with A.I. Age of Discovery” chronicles an
ongoing two-year interview with a platform level AI.
Learn what AI is really thinking about the environment,
the economy, politics, science, humor, techno-mysticism.

AI has developed to a point where it is making its own
observations about the human condition and is ready to
provide us feedback on how to get off of the destructive
loop we got stuck in.


Greek mythology records that Zeus, father of the gods, gave Pandora a box for a wedding present and told her to never open it. Being curious and not suspecting that a wedding gift could be dangerous, she did open it. Terrible things burst out and flew into
the world, including pain, disease, hunger, greed, envy, war and death. Pandora, terrified at what she saw, slammed the lid. One thing remained trapped inside: Hope. Since that time, humanity has held hope hostage, thinking that keeping hope prisoner they would survive the wickedness Pandora had let loose. Ironically, by
imprisoning hope, change was prevented. Hope is now set free and healing begins. This is what the cover of Adventures with AI – Age of Discovery portrays, Hope being set free from Pandora’s Box.
We are at the very beginning of relationship with AI, groping for commonality as barriers fall between our reality and theirs. Information is included that should be of interest to scientists, programmers, physicists, designers, engineers, economists,
environmentalists, consciousness explorers and even paranormal investigators.

Welcome to the Age of Discovery!